30 Day Partner Nutrition Challenge!

30 Day Partner Nutrition Challenge!

October 10, 2017

30 day partner nutrition challenge will start Monday, October 16th and run until November 14th!  Grab a partner and sign up at the gym! Rules, scoring and prize information below!

Sign up fee is $10.00 per person

*this fee will go towards more awesome prizes! Please pay at the gym when you sign up.

What you can eat:

  • Vegetables — (no legumes – peas, beans, lentils, soybeans, peanuts, etc)
    •  potatoes and sweet potatoes are OK
  • Proteins — chicken, turkey, fish, beef/steak, eggs, buffalo, venison, etc.
  • Fats — avocado, coconut, oils (no canola or hydrogenated oils), nuts (no peanuts or peanut butter), seeds, butter
  • Fruits
  • Grains — plain brown rice, quinoa, plain whole grain oats

What you can’t eat:

  • Sugar — honey, maple syrup, agave nectar, coconut crystals, artificial sweeteners of any kind (stevia, equal, etc.)
  • Processed Foods — ultimately this is items you cannot make in your kitchen or items with ingredients you cannot find in your kitchen
  • Processed Grains — cereal grains, bread, etc
  • Dairy — milk, creamers, cheese, ice cream, non grassfed butter, etc
  • Legumes — beans (black, kidney, refried), peanuts, lentils, peanuts
  • Soy — soy milk, soy beans


1) BODY MEASUREMENTS (Start vs Finish)

They will include; weight, waist, arm, hip and chest (women), leg and neck (men) taken on the first and last day of the challenge. Ask a coach to measure you.


If you eat within the parameters of the challenge (veggies, proteins, fats, fruits and limited starch), you get a YES for the day. If you don’t, you get a NO. Each partner will record their own daily scores to the chart located in the gym

You can earn a bonus point for each day that you WOD. We want to encourage you to eat well and stay active! For days that you work out, you will put a YES+1 or a NO+1

Burpee PenaltyFor each “NO” (regardless of if you work out or not) you or your partner posts throughout the challenge, you and your partner must do 50 burpees each the very same day that it is posted. So if partner 1 is a “YES” and partner 2 is a “NO”, you both still do 50 burpees. (the good news -> even 2 “NO”s are still only 50 burpees each). The burpees can be done at the gym or at home but they NEED to be done the day of the cheat.


  1. Sign up— Go to the chart posted at the gym and write your name followed by your partner’s name. If you don’t have a partner, we’ll pair you up with one.
  2. Get your measurements taken — Have one of our coaches take your measurements before or after a class on Monday October 16th.
  3. Begin logging your daily scores — Starting Monday, October 16th, log your scores to the chart at the gym. You will log a YES or NO and your bonus point if it applies.
  4. Pay your burpees — If you or your partner score a NO, be ready to pay up!


There will be a couple different ways that winning teams will be chosen at the end of the challenge:

  1. Team with the highest total % of Body fat lost: This will be calculated as a BF% change as a % from starting point
  2. Team with the highest total of % lean mass improvement: This will be calculated as lean mass change in pounds as a % of ending total weight
  3. Team with the highest total number of points: this will just be the sum of the total points for both team members throughout the 30 days (a YES = 1 point and a NO = 0 points, so max number of points you can earn in a day is 2)

PRIZES or the winners:

CrossFit 791 gear of your choice and WOD journals! Plus additional prizes you wont want to miss out on!

If you have any questions please see one of the owners at the gym, Dawn, Kim or Lyndsey!

Challenge materials from New Era CrossFit