WOD | 5/29/18 Tuesday | CrossFit 791

WOD | 5/29/18 Tuesday | CrossFit 791

May 28, 2018

Tuesday 5/29

warmup (target lats/hamstrings)

skill work:

hang power clean drills (high hang/mid thigh/below knee)

10 min E2MOM (5 sets)

 8 UB Hang Power Cleans @50-65% of max power clean

*P.O.P.: Grip is tough on these… work on quick elbows (on the catch) and pulling under the bar into a half or quarter squat*



5 rounds for time

Row 250/200m

25 sit-ups

*9 min cap*(Desired effect is as fast as possible-SELL OUT!)

*Work on a strong pull and fast transitions! If some don't finish its OK- go hard for 9 min