WOD | Tuesday 12/12/17 | CrossFit 791

WOD | Tuesday 12/12/17 | CrossFit 791

December 11, 2017

Tuesday 12/12/17

Take 15 minutes and practice gymnastics skills of your choice - muscle-ups, Kipping/butterfly pull ups, toes 2 bar, hollow rocks, pistols, HSPU, ring dips, double unders, etc.

Have each athlete choose three exercises and preform a skill set. For example:

Three sets, not for time of:

Muscle-ups x 3-5 reps

Handstand Walks x 5 meters

Pistols x 3-5 reps each leg


Tabata Mash-Up

Complete Eight Sets of 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest for each of the following exercises:

Kettlebell Swings


Box Jump-Overs

Prone Plank Hold

Complete all 8 sets of one exercise before moving on to the next.