Sign up for Fundamentals classes and get your first month of regular CrossFit class for 1/2 off!

The Fundamentals program is where new people to CrossFit come to learn how to perform our basic movements and training philosophy. All the major lifts and exercises will be taught from the ground up with safety and form being our number one priority. This class is designed to get people up to speed to join into our regular CrossFit classes. Fundamentals is a total of 6 classes in a small group setting. 3 classes a week for 2 weeks.

Cost is $75 for the 6 fundamentals classes plus 1/2 off first month $57.50 for a total of $132.50

Monday/Tuesday and Thursday evenings @ 6:30pm

Next session starts Monday 12/2/19






4 - 45 min. sessions with Lyndsey Miller, Kim Larson or Noah McCurdy

Whether you are new to CrossFit or having been at it for several years, personal training is a great way to take it to the next level. This is also a great way to get started with CrossFit if you can’t make the fundamentals classes or want one on one.

$140 for 4 sessions. $35/per session