New Members

The first thing we want all new members to know is that we have all been new to CrossFit at one time in our lives. We all took that step of saying "yes" and gave it a try. It might have been 8 years ago or 3 months ago, but we have all walked in your shoes. CrossFit can be super intimidating, most of what people see on TV and the internet is of the elite athletes or people who have been doing CrossFit for awhile. We, at CrossFit 791 are average people striving to be above average! What we want to give new members at CrossFit 791 is a place they can go and be taught CrossFit from the ground up in a fun, up-lifting environment. We will provide you with safe and efficient training, do-able but effective workouts with a group of people at your same level. You will start out in our Fundamentals Class, first being introduced with proper form of all of our basic movements. Once your have completed the Fundamentals Class you will be able to join our regular CrossFit Group Classes. We love CrossFit and love sharing it with new people! Don't be afraid to say "yes" and give it a try, you wont regret it!