Better Together Summer Challenge

Buddy Challenge 

CrossFit 791 is hosting a summer partner challenge put together by Hannah Roeter that will be focused on nutrition education, and athletic performance. We want this to be a fun challenge where you and your partner can encourage each other to be the best you can! 

Pick a buddy of your choice or we can buddy you up with someone, so there’s no reason not to do it! This is not a weight loss challenge, there’s no weigh in, no measurements and no before and after pictures (you can of course track these if you want, they just won't be taken into consideration for winning). 

Challenge Overview: 

6 week partner challenge starting June 3 and ending July 15

$100/ person with a chance at winning it back! ($200 per team) 

30 minute nutrition evaluation includes 320+ questionnaire, individualized nutrition plan and recommendations and reevaluation at the end.

30 minute movement assessment with a coach and benchmark movements to improve on with an assessment at the end.

weekly emails diving into the foundations of nutrition (fatty acid balance, hydration, blood sugar regulation, mineral balance and digestion) with ways of correcting any dysfunction 

weekly fb live with Hannah and a coach to answer any questions 

Check in with yourself and your buddy everyday and mark on the spreadsheet provided and check off everything you did to earn points 

WINNING: this challenge is going off of a point system based off of habit change, and athletic performance so whichever team improves the most and accrues the most points wins

Pick a team name and make your own shirts


Register by May 20th and get $10 off. Informational meeting May 20th at 6:30 pm at CrossFit 791. Registration closes May 27th.  

Click here to get signed up, use discount code BETTERTOGETHER for $10 off.