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The Fundamentals program is where new people to CrossFit come to learn how to perform our basic movements and training philosophy. All the major lifts and exercises will be taught from the ground up with safety and form being our number one priority. This class is designed to get people up to speed to join into our regular CrossFit classes. Fundamentals is a total of 6 classes in a small group setting.  3 classes a week for 2 weeks.

Monday/Tuesday and Thursday evenings @ 6:30pm

Next session starts Monday  1/6/20



CrossFit Group Class

The CrossFit Group class is led by a trainer with a group of athelets and follow the posted "Workout of the Day." Each class starts out with a warm-up, followed by a strength or skill segment and finishes with the Workout of the Day. Our trainers will take you through every part of the group class, explaining and demonstrating all exercises and any modifications needed. There will be a lot of hands on help to make sure you're working in a safe and effective manner.

Personal Training

One on one personal training with anyone of our coaches at CrossFit 791.  All of our coaches are knowledgeable and would love to help you achieve your fitness goals in a more personal setting.  Call to schedule your personal training sessions and to find out our rates.

Membership Rates

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