See what others have to say about CrossFit 791 and how its changed their lives!

Crossfit has given me a sense of empowerment! I feel stronger and more self confident. The first time I was told we were doing hand stands I laughed!! Ha, I could never.... I look forward with excitement on workout days with the crew!

-Jennifer G.

I've always eaten pretty healthy and exercised moderately. I have two kids and have been in "mom mode" for several years. I've been pregnant or breastfeeding for years. After my last pregnancy was through, the breastfeeding had ended and I turned 30, I knew something needed to be done. We moved back to our home town and enrolled my oldest in kindergarten. I tried at home workouts and saw great results, but I didn't stick with it. Being a stay at home mom can be isolating but working out with other women was too intimidating, so I continued to say, "no" when invited. Finally, after persistence from a friend/coach I said, "yes". I was so nervous that I called my best friend and begged her to come with me. CrossFit came to me at a time when I really needed it. Not only did I need it for my physical health but I needed a circle of women in my life to push me and motivate me. Women who call me and ask if I'll be there, women who high-five me and say, "yes you can." Women who circle around the last person to finish and squat down and count every last rep with her. I needed to workout, but I also needed a community of love and support. I needed moms who understand that while our kids are a top priority, so are we. We can only be the best for our kids when we are good to ourselves. I'm so thankful my coach didn't give up on asking me to come because CrossFit 791 has been so much more than a gym to me.

-Cherie G.


I have been a runner/cyclist for many years but have never lifted weights. Since having kids my training and strength had wained. I began doing CrossFit just before my 40th birthday. I have immensely enjoyed being a part of the 791 group. They are warm, fun and supportive. I love working out with other moms and seeing them push themselves to be stronger -together. Its been very inspirational and motivating. In the few months that I have been going I have had a noticeable increase in my strength and muscle definition. I love it and love this crew. I am hooked!

-Cody G.


I was introduced to CrossFit by a couple of amazing women from Cashmere. They pushed me to come try it our and I LOVED IT! Before, I would always go running to workout, but I love the variety and encouragement that comes from CrossFit 791. They will be your trainers inside the gym and friends outise. They are so good at helping to push you personally and the progress is visible! I would highly recommend trying it out.

Haley M.